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Dead Nut Accuracy - Guaranteed
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Gold Creek Rifles’ commitment to excellence in rifle accuracy stems from its steady stance of working only with the best – and the best is definitely the one who will be working on every shooting platform that comes through our shops.


Meet Greg – an NBRSA Hall of Famer inducted in 2010 who’s been shooting in registered competition for over 15 years. He won the NBRSA Hunter Nationals & Top Gun championship in 2004, 2009, 2010 & 2011. He won the IBS (International Benchrest Shooters of America) Varmint for Score and 2-Gun National Championship in 2009. He was the 100-200 yds, 200 yds L-R, 100-200-300 yds, 200-300 Long Range, and the 4-Gun Top Gun National Champion in the 2010 IBS Hunter Benchrest Nationals and holds the current NBRSA World Record in the Varmint for Score and 2-Gun Centerfire Benchrest shooting in the 100-200-300 yds Grand Aggregates category.

Greg did not start out shooting his way into fame through every major shooting competition he could get his guns on. Born in 1964 in Monroe WA, Greg moved to Brewster WA at an early age where he attended and graduated from high school back in 1982. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Refrigeration when he graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1987. Greg and wife Ja Lea moved back to Brewster in 1989 and started Cascade Mechanical, a premier provider of the finest indoor comfort control solutions for residents in the WA area.

Backed by his background in refrigeration, Greg brought Cascade Mechanical’s success to new heights, providing customers with excellent HVAC services and solutions, offering the finest heating, cooling and indoor air quality products in the industry. Greg and Ja Lea still own and make key decisions for Cascade Mechanical to this day, but has since passed on management and operations responsibilities to a highly qualified management team and staff, giving Greg sufficient time to pursue his other passion – rifles.

From 1999 onwards, Greg has been gathering gunsmithing equipment, eventually leading him to start GOLD CREEK RIFLES back in 2004. Greg went full time building rifles from 2007 onwards in his shop packed with premium lathe and milling machines, all with highly accurate Digital Position Readout or Digital Read Outs (DRO) – vital machine shop characteristics required for ultra-accurate rifle building.

Shop equipment consists of the Clausing 13-40 Engine lathe, Jet 13-40 Engine Lathe, Bridgeport Milling Machine and the newly installed HASS TL-1 CNC Turning Center to keep up with increased orders for barrel work, reloading dies and other products.


Greg’s commitment to rifle accuracy was born from his own personal experience in competition benchrest shooting, which began when he shot his first match back in the summer of 1999. Finding problems with the accuracy of commercial rifles, Greg has been stocking and later barreling the benchrest rifles that he shoots in competition. All those times Greg finds himself building 30X47 and 30 BR’s taught him what it really takes to make a rifle accurate, what it takes to make him a CHAMPION – and he brings this knowledge to every rifle and product that comes out from GOLD CREEK RIFLES’s shops.

Greg eventually met veteran tool and die maker Lloyd Gallagher, a professional gun smith for over 40 years, who took Greg under his wing and taught him everything he needs to know about rifle building. Every Tuesday for 3 years, Greg worked together with Lloyd in his shop at Lloyd Gallagher Gunsmithing where he mastered the skills and finer points of assembling an accurate rifle. Lloyd and wife Carol continue to be very dear friends, with Greg relying on Lloyd’s gunsmithing expertise and knowledge to this day.

Greg is a member of the Wenatchee Benchrest Club, the National Benchrest Shooters Association and the International Benchrest Association. Greg travels in the spring and summer all over the country to shoot in rifle matches.