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Whatever your shooting needs are – hunting, sports, competition – accuracy plays a very vital role in getting the results and rewards you are gunning for. The level of accuracy is dependent on several factors and you may have specific designs and specifications that factory rifles could simply not provide. GOLD CREEK RIFLES can work with you to produce a custom built rifle according to your exact specifications.

We can rebuild or rebarrel most of the production actioned rifles such as Remington, Winchester, Savage, Howa, Weatherby and more. We’ll be there every step of the way – from planning, design and execution – and provide you with an extremely accurate tool built for champions. The following describes details of some of our customized rifle variations:

BAT HR Custom:

  • BAT HR receiver
  • Lilja or Shilen barrel
  • MPI thumbhole stock
  • BDL floorplate
  • Jewel Trigger
  • Integral 20 M.O.A rail
  • $4200.00 Plus Shipping & Sales Taxes


REMINGTON 700 Custom:

  • Remington 700 receiver
  • Lilja or Shilen barrel
  • MPI Thumbhole Stock
  • BDL floorplate
  • Jewel Trigger
  • Integral 20 M.O.A Rail
  • $3200.00 Plus Shipping & Sales Taxes

Every rifle is built by Greg Swezey in his Gunshop in Carlton, Wa.

Greg Swezey graduated from OSU in 1987 and apprenticed with gunsmith Lloyd Gallagher. He started shooting competitively in 2001. After starting to make his own rifles Greg won the NBRSA Bench Rest Nationals three consecutive times and the IBS Nationals once. He was inducted into the NBRSA Hall Of Fame in 2010. His guns have proven themselves. “Your gun can look like a million bucks but if it doesn’t win when your on the line or drop that record buck at 1200 yards then it’s not worth a penny.” Greg is committed to the highest standards of professional service, and his track record speaks for it’s self.

If you have a question regarding a custom rifle please contacts us for more information.