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GOLD CREEK RIFLES provide our customers with a wide range of high quality and very precise products for all your competition or sporting needs. Each product and component are manufactured or machined to perfection to provide you with the tools you need to become the next shooting champion.


At the heart of any production or custom-built rifle is the action. Whether you are using your equipment for sports hunting or competition shooting, you will need a good action to maintain high levels of accuracy every time the situation calls for it. This essential rifle component is also highly responsible for maintaining good shooter safety out there in the field or in the competition arena and is vital for ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Custom action is more expensive than production actions and may cost as much as three times or more than factory prices. The stronger, stiffer, more accurate and more enduring built accounts for the higher cost, and when combined with customized and highly quality stock and barrel, you will have in your hands a high-precision shooting machine for sports or competition.

GOLD CREEK RIFLES uses a lot of B.A.T actions as well as Borden, Stiller, and Pierce depending on your preference.


Whether you’re training for short-range benchrest competitions or highly competitive long-range shooting matches, you will need high-quality gunstocks to provide you with a steady, rigid but easy-to-handle platform that can easily adapt to recoil while maintaining balance and accuracy. Gunstocks should also be versatile enough during tactical shooting operations, which may require various shooting positions like standing, kneeling seated or prone positions. GOLD CREEK RIFLES can use a wide variety of stocks that include McMillian, H-S Precision, MPI, Manners and others according to your needs and preference.


The barrel is another vital component that factors greatly on the accuracy of your rifle. Barrels have certain mechanical attributes that affects accuracy including straightness, geometry, variations in the width and depth of the lands and grooves, twist rate, and interior finish. That is why your rifle should be equipped with the perfect barrel that will work best with your type of platform – so you can get the best results whether your shooting for sport or competition. GOLD CREEK RIFLES makes use of the best barrels from the best manufacturers including Lilja, Kruger, Bartlein, Shilen, and Broughton.


Triggers are another essential component in your shooting equipment that is why your rifle should be equipped with a good trigger with just the right amount of trigger pull that will work well with your type of action. If you need upgrades with your trigger mechanism, GOLD CREEK RIFLES can use one, usually from Jewell or Timney that will work well with your shooting preference.


You will also need other components and tools to hone your rifle and platforms to shooting perfection. This includes reamers to give your bore and barrel the perfect diameter for utmost shooting accuracy. GOLD CREEK RIFLES have reamers from 17 HMR thru 458 Win depending on your needs. Other components and tools that are popular with our clientele include vais muzzle brakes and barrel fluting.

  • VAIS muzzle Brake                          $250.00
  • Jewell Trigger                                    $229.00
  • Timny Trigger                                     $150.00
  • Trigger install & Set                         $50.00
  • Pillar Bedding                                     $300.00
  • Glass Bed                                           $250.00
  • Scope Mount & Level                     $50.00
  • Ceracote Barreled Action             $150.00



Whatever your shooting needs are – hunting, sports, competition – accuracy plays a very vital role in getting the results and rewards you are gunning for. The level of accuracy is dependent on several factors and you may have specific designs and specifications that factory rifles could simply not provide. GOLD CREEK RIFLES can work with you to produce a custom built rifle according to your exact specifications.

We can rebuild or rebarrel most of the production actioned rifles such as Remington, Winchester, Savage, Howa, Weatherby and more. We’ll be there every step of the way – from planning, design and execution – and provide you with an extremely accurate tool built for champions. The following describes details of some of our customized rifle variations:

BAT HR Custom:

  • BAT HR receiver
  • Lilja or Shilen barrel
  • MPI thumbhole stock
  • BDL floorplate
  • Jewel Trigger
  • Integral 20 M.O.A rail
  • $4200.00 Plus Shipping & Sales Taxes


REMINGTON 700 Custom:

  • Remington 700 receiver
  • Lilja or Shilen barrel
  • MPI Thumbhole Stock
  • BDL floorplate
  • Jewel Trigger
  • Integral 20 M.O.A Rail
  • $3200.00 Plus Shipping & Sales Taxes


Shop Services: $75.00 hour


Prices shown in US Dollars and subject to change without notice. Does not include additional customer-requested specifications and options.


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